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All the archeological sites present artifacts from the Late Palaeoindian period and the Cliche-Rancourt site also presents traces of the Early Paleoindian period. For each site, the sources of the raw material are identified. Artifacts from the Kruger-2 site were fabricated with raw material coming from Munsungun, the Champlain lake, local sources as well as non-identified exotic sources. Artifacts from the Gaudreau site were fabricated with Rhyolite from a non-identified source. Finally, artifacts from the Cliche-Rancourt site were fabricated from raw matter coming from Munsungun, mount Kinéo, mount Jasper as well as non-identified sources.
Map of eastern North America with the location of 3 Palaeoindian sites in the Eastern Townships and 4 sources of raw materials located in New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine).

Origin of materials from three Palaeoindian sites in the Eastern Townships.