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If you are looking for information to prepare a class or to do a project on the origins of settlement in Quebec, I can help you!

Let me introduce myself, Éric Graillon, archaeologist-guide at the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science.

I led the excavations at the Gaudreau site in Weedon and the Kruger 2 site in Sherbrooke and collaborated with archaeologists at the Cliche-Rancourt site in Mégantic. My goal is to provide you with the elements that made it possible to speculate on the origins of settlement in Quebec and the migration of the first humans in the Eastern Townships region.

To do so, I prepared educational material available in the right-hand menu. It includes five thematic folders with different contents:

1. Chronology (clip on dating methods, historical table, video of a dating expert, and presentation of two artifacts)

2. Artifacts (summary clip and 8 identification records)

3. Materials (summary clip, raw material distribution map, expert video, and 4 identification records)

4. Soils (summary clip, soil composition map, and expert video)

5. Flora and fauna (summary clip and expert video)

In addition, a summary folder on the origins of the settlement including a clip and map of human migration.

Furthermore, a questionnaire to encourage exploration and test your knowledge.

Enjoy discovering!