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Build shelter out of caribou skin

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  • 12 500 years ago, the glaciers covering Quebec began to retreat. Slowly, a tundra developed. Caribou followed, and then humans. The first Palaeoindians that ventured into the Lake Megantic region had to bring the materials necessary to build their shelter. The skins of large mammals were heavy, and the Palaeoindians had to carry them on their backs or use mats. Perhaps they had dogs to help them....

  • Reconstitution of a migrating Palaeoindian family.
    After a long journey.
  • Environment covered with tundra
    A good place to set up shelter!
  • Skin, poles, and tendons
    Unpack the materials: Skin, poles, and tendons.
  • Rocks placed in a circle
    Get about 10 rocks found on site and place them in a circle.
  • Bundle of skins to the centre of the location
    Then, bring the bundle of skins to the centre of the location and roll them out.
  • Rocks on the skins
    After that, put the rocks on the skins.
  • Poles and tendons
    The next steps require the poles and the tendons. The shelter has to be set up.
  • Pole close to the entrance with tendon stretched to the outside
    Set up the first pole close to the entrance. Attach it with a tendon, which is stretched to the outside.
  • Poles installed in the same way, but farther back
    Finish by installing the next poles in the same way, but farther back.